COVID-19: A message from our CEO

Dear Client,

Across the globe, together we are all dealing with uncertain times. The evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting us all on so many levels, and on behalf of everyone at Axi I’d like to extend my support and best wishes to you and your families.

I also wanted to reach out to you and provide an update on how Axi are ensuring continuity of service during this difficult time.

As a digital business, with teams across the globe we have scalable, highly redundant, secure and flexible systems and processes, which enable our staff to work remotely and maintain trading services to our clients.

The welfare of our staff is extremely important to the Group, and we’ve already encouraged all our global teams to work remotely. The shift to remote workplaces has been relatively smooth and our key client satisfaction metrics around service, execution and system resilience have remained strong.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve seen unprecedented client activity with record trading volumes and record number of users accessing our trading platform. While we’re proud of how well our infrastructure has delivered in such extreme circumstances, you may experience some issues, which we promise to work hard to resolve and continue to maintain our high standards.

We encourage all clients to remain vigilant during these extreme market conditions and maintain a healthy equity margin to navigate extreme volatility. We pride ourselves on our excellent trading infrastructure and deep liquidity, but I’d like to remind you that in such extreme market circumstances pricing, spreads, swaps and liquidity may change very quickly and we may need to be proactive in making adjustments to our service to protect you - our clients. As always, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes, while reassuring you that so far we’ve been able to maintain our normal trading conditions through some of the most volatile markets in history.

The Axi teams are here to help you. Now more than ever we are all reminded of the importance of supporting each other, remaining positive and compassionate while maintaining the best version of ourselves through the coming weeks.

Kind regards

Rajesh Yohannan
(Group CEO)