Forex Technical Analysis

Aussie Set for Retail Data And US Focus For Payrolls And Trade

The Aussie will focus on the Retail Sales data today after the trade data last night was better than expected. AUDUSD found a bid on the back of the date but has seen underperformed in the European session despite some US dollar downside.

Possible reversal area in GBPUSD

We have a possible reversal area spotted in GBPUSD using multiple technical analysis methods. If we see a trace back in the price it would confirm the patterns providing a great trading opportunity.

Ascending triangle breakout, A medium term loot at the GBPJPY rate

We have now had the resistance area tested on multiple occasions during the uptrend with the trading range getting narrower.  If the market breaks out of this pattern are we going to see a strong move upwards?

Major resistance level on CADJPY almost met

Since the beginning of June, we have seen a strong upwards trend over a short period which has now met a strong resistance level that has been tested on multiple occasions back at the end of November and mid-April. This level was also seen previously as a support level back in August 2015.

Wave and Harmonic pattern analysis of AUDCAD

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen a strengthening of CAD against multiple other pairs but will we see a reversal shortly?

Are we looking at a possible Channel Reversal opportunity in Gold?

Since the 6th of June we have seen the price of gold fall 30 USD but Are we looking at a possible Channel Reversal opportunity in Gold?

Are we going to see a reversal in EURUSD if the price drops further?

Since the beginning of the year, EUR has been steadily increasing in value against the USD and is now testing the heights of the range

Bearish Bat confirming the Waves on AUDCAD?

Will the Aussie dollar give up its gains?

Bullish Butterfly and Waves on USDJPY?

The USDJPY has been dropping but are the charts telling us we may see a reversal?

A Bearish Gartley Pattern is seen in the FTSE

After the recent run-up and the continued strengthening of GBP, we could be seeing a reversal point.

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