NEW! Try PsyQuation Premium

All AxiTrader Live account holders get FREE access to the new PsyQuation Premium platform for the lifetime of their trading account.*

A more powerful platform

PQ Premium is an even more advanced and higher performing platform than standard PsyQuation — already one of the world’s most advanced platforms for retail traders. The Premium version features:

  • More powerful indicators
  • More frequently updated trade signals
  • More comprehensive forecasting
  • Institutional level quantitative models

Premium Trading Tools

PsyQuation Premium powers up your standard PsyQuation account by giving you exclusive access to a suite of advanced Trading Tools such as the Order Flow Sentiment Indicator (OFSi).

OFSi lets you view the Buy and Sell order flow of 22,000+ live trading accounts, letting you drill down and filter detailed trade information by segment.

Become a better and more profitable trader with PsyQuation

PsyQuation is one of the world’s most advanced data analytics platforms for retail traders. Using highly sophisticated algorithms it works like your own private trading coach, analysing your individual trading style, identifying mistakes and helping you avoid making similar mistakes again.

As an AxiTrader client, you get FREE access to this powerful and proven tool to help you become a better trader and more profitable trader.

Why try PsyQuation?

  • PsyQuation uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse your behaviour and identify where you make trading mistakes
  • Research on PsyQuation’s enormous database suggests that following Alert Suggestions significantly improves trading performance
  • Get behavioural and risk alerts to your app, email or phone, notifying you when you’re making trading mistakes
  • Intraday performance charting provides up to date performance impact analysis
  • The potential to receive funding and mentoring to become a professional trader through the AxiSelect program

Who created PsyQuation?

The PsyQuation platform was developed by a team of dedicated experts with decades of financial trading experience and extensive backgrounds in the fields of trading, psychology, mathematics, quantitative finance and software programming. PsyQuation is a proven platform to help you succeed.

Get started quickly

Adding PsyQuation is easy – just link your existing AxiTrader account to PsyQuation and start building up a trade profile.

Step 1: Link Account

You can link a Demo or a Live account to the PsyQuation platform

Step 2: Take A Tour

Once your account is linked, take a tour of all the main features

Step 3: Define Goals

Set some trading targets so PsyQuation can help work towards them

Step 4: Customise

Customise your account to receive alerts in the way you want

* To maintain free access to PsyQuation Premium your Live trading account must retain a minimum balance of AUD$500 and trade a minimum of one standard lot per month.