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Axi partnership with the STaR Association

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In 2020, Axi was privileged to enter into a partnership with the STaR Association, a Sydney-based not-for-profit that delivers high quality special education support to young children with disabilities and additional needs, as well as the people who care for and support them. 


As a registered not-for-profit with limited access to funding, STaR was focused on delivering its core service as best it could, but suffered from under-resourcing in key operational areas, as Mark Ryan, Charity Ambassador at Axi, explains:


“The fact is that small organisations like STaR who do such vital work simply don’t have the money or resources to do things that larger businesses take for granted. For example, they were dependent on a single computer running unsupported software, having to share email addresses across multiple staff, had no access to remote working and relied on procedures where double and triple handling was common.


“These inefficiencies – not to mention the organisational risks – were actually very significant. It would put unnecessary strain on staff and take precious time away from their main purpose.”


That’s where, as well as offering direct financial donations to help with running costs, Axi has been able to step in and provide STaR with technology and HR expertise that is now helping their team spend less time on administration and more time on their most important role: helping children learn and develop.


Says Mark, “People all across Axi, both in Australia and in other countries, have gone all-in on this partnership, working directly with the STaR team to help implement new software and systems and act as mentors to ensure they have access to better ways to manage their important work.”

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Regarding the partnership, STaR CEO Margaret Meaker says, “Our partnership with Axi began just under 12 months ago and in that time the difference that’s been made to our organisation has been amazing.


“We are not a business, but we must adopt sound business practices to deliver excellent service to many more people and achieve our mission. Axi is mentoring and coaching us to do that and the STaR community deeply appreciates this.”


She added, “I am really excited about the relationship and partnership and for us to work together and grow what could be an example of absolute excellence of social responsibility and corporate responsibility, joined together for the betterment of a whole lot of people out there who need us.”


Axi is extremely proud to be associated with STaR and the work they do in our community. We look forward to continuing this relationship and engaging in other partnerships in other regions where the Axi team can provide support to organisations making a positive difference.


To find out more about STaR and the great work they do, please visit

Axi Team

Axi Team

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