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Our vision is to make a positive impact on people’s lives everywhere we go.

At Axi, we want to make the world of trading a better place, but we want to make other positive changes too.

The start of our journey to better lives everywhere

We believe in rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in, being part of the communities where we live and work. 

This is the start of our journey to better lives everywhere. Our employees provide much-needed expertise to support organization helping with our time, energy, skills and resources alongside our financial backing.

Say hello to The STaR Association - our chosen local charity.

The Axi partnership with STaR helps us make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families within the community, and we are proud to be involved.

The STaR Association enables children with disabilities and additional needs to make the best of their abilities. They do this by enrolling, teaching and including them in childcare centres in their communities.

About The STaR Foundation

  • They started in 2002 with five children in one childcare centre
  • They have supported more than 400 children and their families across 27 childcare centres.
  • STaR support 8 childcare centres in western and north-western Sydney
  • They successfully include young children with disabilities in their childcare programs.
  • STaR provide meaningful, lifelong learning for people with disabilities

The STaR manifesto

“All children have a right to a full life and an education that meets their needs, no matter what disabilities or learning challenges they face. Research shows that inclusion can have positive outcomes for all children, with or without disabilities, when adequate supports are in place. STaR works with parents, their support networks and educators to provide childcare and preschool experiences that are welcoming and educational.”

STaR enables children with disabilities to access meaningful, lifelong learning.

Come and join us and make a positive impact on lives everywhere.

Support STaR