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Discover the power of market analysis with Autochartist

Autochartist seamlessly integrates with your MT4 trading platform to provide you with reliable technical analysis. Like a dedicated trading assistant, it tirelessly monitors the markets to notify you of significant price changes and breaking news, 
so that you can swiftly capitalise on market opportunities.

What Autochartist can do for you:

  • Identify support and resistance levels and chart patterns from triangles and head and shoulders to double bottoms and Fibonacci retracements.
  • Save time by automating price chart and market data analysis, freeing you from the tedious task of manual chart scanning.
  • Get access to tutorials, webinars, and articles that explore technical analysis and trading-related topics.
  • Provide insightful real-time market reports into potential setups.
  • Analyse historical price volatility to alert traders to breakout opportunities.
  • Customise settings and alerts to align with your unique trading strategies and preferences.

Autochartist scans the markets on your behalf

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Market Reports:

Market Reports:

Daily market reports prior to Tokyo, London, and New York openings, enabling smart trading and avoiding missed opportunities

Correlating Signals:

Correlating Signals:

Alerts traders of opportunities by scanning markets and sending timely emails, detecting horizontal levels and chart patterns, and aligning with market movements.

High Impact Economic News:

High Impact Economic News:

Alerts for your trading session (Asia, Europe, and US) with key financial news events and economic developments, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Event Volatility Warning:

Event Volatility Warning:

Notifications outlining the impacted financial instruments as well as the expected level of volatility spikes due to upcoming economic events. Maintain control over your trades by being prepared to adjust your trading strategies to market changes.

On News Event and  Pre-News Events:

On News Event and Pre-News Events:

Notifications based on freshly released economic event data and past market movements, delivered on time for traders to take advantage of opportunities.

Trade of the Day

Trade of the Day

This email is produced daily by the Autochartist senior analyst and is widely followed in the trading community. Less experienced traders primarily use the “Trade of the Day” email as a simple guide to understanding Autochartist analysis.

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