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Currency Converter

What is a currency converter?

A currency converter is a quick, easy, and useful tool to convert one foreign currency into another, such as US Dollars to Euros, using real-time market rates.

How does our currency converter work?

To convert one currency into another, the Axi currency converter considers the base currency, the currency converted to, and the amount to be converted. Click “Convert” and our calculator will automatically perform the conversion.

The calculation formula

Currency Exchange Rate = Base Currency / Quote Currency

How to use the calculator

Simply select the currency you are converting from, the currency you are converting to, and the amount you want to convert.

Using the example provided above:

From: GBP
Amount: 3.000
Value: $3,615.6
Your 3,000 GBP is worth $3,615.6 at the current exchange rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currencies are a means of purchasing goods and services locally or globally. When traveling abroad to a country using a different currency, you would need to exchange currencies to be able to conduct business or purchase goods and services.

The forex market operates 24/5 (Monday to Friday), offering traders unique trading opportunities throughout the market week.

An exchange rate determines the rate at which one currency can be exchanged to another currency. For instance, if you were interested in exchanging 100 USD to AUD, the exchange rate would determine how much Australian dollars you would get.

Our currency converter uses real-time currency rates, giving you accurate and reliable rates for that specific point in time. Be mindful that the exchange rate may be different at other hours during the day.

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